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At Fastech Motorsports we excel as a leader in the performance automotive industry. We specialize in forced induction applications and offer complete in house services to meet your performance needs. We maintain extensive knowledge to provide our customers with the best products and services available. Our experienced team provides EFI Pro Tuning, Engine Machining/Assembly, Transmission Building, Fabrication, Parts Sales, and Installation of all products. From street/strip to all out drag, we cater to all levels of the racing enthusiast!

GTR Engine Installation


We offer a full array of custom fabrication services to customers at Fastech Motorsports. From racing-spec roll cages to full tubular manifolds, we can do it all. Thanks to our HAAS CNC Machining Center, we are fully capable of creating custom, one-off pieces that may be necessary to complete customer projects. Our in house fabrication staff have years of experience in the performance automotive world and are determined to provide our customers with the best possible end products available.



The Fastech Motorsports team has been racing since 2004, and with numerous wins under our belt, we take pride in being able to offer full race/track preparation services for customers interested in taking their vehicles to the track. Whether it's Drag, Drift, Time Attack, or Autocross, our experienced staff is able to provide the best setup possible for the application.